Compte Personnel de Formation

[Production challenge]
I arrive at the office on a Monday morning and this week I plan to not work on projects and update my portfolio.
An agency calls me: « A motion let me down, I need a video for Tuesday night. I just have a voiceover already recorded. »

I’ve worked on hundreds of films and it’s still my favorite. Not for the end result which is classic and simple. But because the stars have aligned. The ideas came in a fluid way and we can feel it in the animation.

The most complicated part could have been the characters but a client had let me down a few weeks earlier when I had already done the character design. I was able to reuse them here. The stars were aligned, I tell you.

On Tuesday evening, a few minutes before showing the video, the customer still hadn’t seen anything. A large part of the team even discovered this film during its screening.

This result could never have been achieved if there had been discussions with the client. Moved an animation, the yellow is not yellow enough, the last character should wear a jacket, … All these « adjustments » would have destroyed the rhythm of the film. This film is perfect because it is imperfect.

AGENCE Maartin / DESIGN Bibarr / ANIMATION Valentine Chauvin x Bibarr /

motion designer haute-savoie