Bell & Ross®

I created these visuals for Bell & Ross to encapsulate the essence of journeying and the passage of time, blending the aesthetic of aviation with the refinement of watchmaking. Each image serves as a portal to a distinct horizon, conjuring the shifting hues of the sky and the allure of exploration.


The watches stand out, proud and commanding, against backdrops that recall the colors of dusk or dawn, thus mirroring the inexorable progression of time. This visual parallel between timepieces and the sky suggests that every second is an invitation to embark on new beginnings.


The clean design and sharp lines of the watches harmoniously contrast with the vastness and mystery of the skies, reminiscent of an aircraft’s navigational instruments—essential and precise. Through these images, Bell & Ross not only presents an accessory but offers a gateway to the infinite, beckoning towards travel and discovery while staying true to the brand’s commitment to performance, clarity, and functionality.