She smells like campfire

She Smells Like Campfire is an animated film that immerses viewers in a dreamlike world where adventure intertwines with love. Through captivating frame-by-frame animated illustrations, the film explores the various facets of this mysterious woman, whose scent recalls that of a campfire.

This project is my first personal film (without client, constraint or money). Just me, my words and my testicles.


The film opens with a poetic voiceover that evokes the enchanting scent of the girl, describing her as the very essence of adventure.
The detailed and emotional black-and-white animations capture every moment of the story. The heroine is portrayed as a campfire, evoking warmth, comfort, and the feeling of home.

Taking the viewer on a visual journey through diverse landscapes, from strolls under majestic trees to snowy peaks, these visual elements symbolize the different dimensions of the woman's personality and her attraction to the unknown.


The narrative seamlessly weaves through shared experiences, from sleepless nights to urban adventures. The narrator describes the heroine's scent as an invitation to explore unexpected places, to live unique moments, and to take paths less traveled.

As the protagonist follows this enchanting girl, the viewer is drawn into a world where love and adventure intertwine, creating a story of timeless beauty. « She Smells Like Campfire » offers a poetic and visually captivating cinematic experience that celebrates the power of adventure and love.


WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Bibarr / ORIGINAL SCORE Jean Loup Bernet / VOICE OVER Alizée Descamps / PRODUCTION Captain Rasco Films / DESIGN AND ANIMATION Bibarr / SPECIAL THANKS Sharon Bach and François Huyghe, Benjamin Dubuc, Jean-Charles Weber