Pictet Wealth

In a visionary fusion of innovation and elegance, my latest film project for Pictet’s e-banking application, Pictet Wealth, sets a new standard in digital banking communication. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Pictet’s communication channels, the film immerses viewers in a professional and innovative universe. It captures the essence of a digital experience revolutionized by cutting-edge technology and professional expertise, leaving a lasting impression with its key message: a memorable digital experience powered by new technology and professional insight.


The graphic style of the application adopts an elegant and sophisticated motion design, with a color palette and textures that reflect Pictet’s high standards and brand identity. Through intuitive animations and interactions, each feature of the application is highlighted in a way that guides users effortlessly, ensuring a clear and enjoyable exploration of functionalities. This graphic proposition is a journey through two complementary worlds: the real-life elegance and professionalism of Pictet, and the innovation and modernity of digital banking, together weaving a coherent visual story that emphasizes the prestige and modernity of Pictet’s e-banking application.