A Tiffany Valentine’s Day

Since its inception in 1837, love has been the very essence of Tiffany & Co., pulsating at the heart of every creation. Over the 187 years of its history, one truth remains unchanged: love creates an unbreakable bond with its clients, a reason to celebrate not just on Valentine’s Day but every single day.


In this film, we delve into the epic saga of Tiffany & Co., unveiling a timeless love story through captivating sequences and iconic jewelry. Reimagined in a world of craftsmanship and bursting with color, these jewels embody the brand’s innovative spirit and rich heritage.


PRODUCTION Temple Caché Studio / ADVERTISER Tiffany & Co / CREATIVE DIRECTOR Temple Caché Creators / CREATIVE TEAM Valentin Nouvel x Thomas Pison x Bibarr / 3D Bibarr / POST PRODUCTION Temple Caché Studio